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Game Jam theme: Two versions of the same thing. 

There is only one level. But two version of the player. 

The first time you play the game, you will be playing as the white Meep. Once you reach the goal with the white Meep you will then replay the level with the yellow Meep. Beat the level with both Meeps to win the game.  (WIP More Meeps coming soon)

White Meep:

  • Can Dash 
  • Can Breath Air
  • Cannot Breath Water
  • Can Hold Breath for 5 seconds

Yellow Meep:

  • Can Dash
  • Can Double Jump
  • Can Breath Water
  • Cannot Breath Air
  • Can Hold Breath for 5 seconds

Controls: (Controller recomended)

Movement - AD OR Left Analog Stick

Jump - W OR XBox A OR PS X

Dash - Left Shift OR Right Mouse Button OR Xbox B OR PS O OR Trigger buttons

R - Reset Level

Install instructions

Unzip File. Run "Level01.exe"


Level01.zip 103 MB

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